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6 Requirements to Land a Great Job in Manufacturing

As the manufacturing sector has evolved into a specialized and highly efficient industry, there has been a decline in available skilled workers. These specialized manufacturing jobs are requiring vocational training, an associate’s degree or a certificate.

Many skilled workers in those fields are enjoying something unusual in today’s economy: strong job security and the ability to demand decent pay. The shortage is partly due to many sharp declines in jobs the past 15 years and parents seeing college as the only decent path for their children’s future. But you don’t need to go to college to make good money.  You can go to a two-year school and start making $80,000 if you land a great manufacturing job.

So what is required to get a great manufacturing job?
  1. Dependability – Show up every day and on time for work. Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a quality that is surprisingly uncommon.
  2. Ability to pass a drug test – Did you know this simple requirement eliminates nearly half of all applicants for manufacturing jobs? But for good reasons. Manufacturing often entails working with dangerous equipment in a demanding setting, so passing a drug test is vital not only for your safety but for the company’s liabilities.
  3. A high school diploma – Manufactures prefer a high school diploma over a GED. To them, performing well in high school matters more than graduating. Many manufacturers look for workers who have an understanding of algebra and the ability to do basic computations. They also seek those who are able to communicate effectively as more and more workers are operating as teams.
  4. Vocational training or better – Workers with specialized training or certificates will be paid higher than those workers without any. Not only is the training important, but getting the right type of training is too. Bigger manufacturing companies partner with specific training programs and trade schools to help keep a supply of needed workers flowing.
  5. Familiarity with manufacturing – Like any career field, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Research the field and the various positions it offers to gain a better understanding of what you could potentially be doing. Having previous experience can also be key to landing that high paying job.
  6. Willingness for a higher education – Typically, those who tend to be a good candidate for college – strong work ethic and a high performer, are likely to do well in manufacturing. With the high costs of college, manufacturing is a worthwhile alternative for determined workers.

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