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When You Don’t Need to Hire a Recruiter

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As a company with hiring needs, you might be questioning whether it is really worth your while to hire a third-party recruiter to fill your open positions. You might have your own internal recruiters, or you might just be a hands-on hiring manager who knows what you’re […]

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How to Find a Job When You Have a Disability

It can be challenging to find a job in today’s market. If you have a disability, it can be even more difficult than usual to find employment. According to the U.S. government, an individual with a disability is a person who “has a physical or mental impairment […]

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Three Qualities to Look for When Partnering With a Staffing Service

Experts | Lori Bullock, Branch Manager Finding top talent for your company can be a challenge, especially now that the unemployment rate is low and employees have more choices for their career. One way to make sure you find quality employees is to work with a recruiting […]

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How to Retain Talent in Today’s Market

Experts | Shana Barrett, Salem Branch Operations Manager In today’s job market we are at an all-time low unemployment rate – 4.6 percent in Oregon, the lowest it’s been since at least 1976! When I started in the recruitment industry seven years ago, it was more than doubled, […]

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Drug Testing in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Our Experts | Annalise Burrington, Brand Director Drug testing and the workplace – it’s always been somewhat of a controversial topic. OSHA has recently come out with some new regulations around the subject. As a brand director at a recruitment firm, it’s important to me to stay up […]

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Bridging the Blue Collar Gap

Our Experts | Katie Merickel, Bend Branch Manager In today’s job market, with unemployment rates at an all time low, the need for skilled talent remains in high demand. In many cases, companies are seeking out skilled, experienced workers in all trades that can jump right into work […]

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The Value of Giving Back to the Community You Serve

Our Experts | Claudia Hamilton, Albany Branch Manager Giving back to the community you serve is a fulfilling use of your time and skills, both personally and professionally. While many volunteers are doing what they love after retiring from their career, I think volunteering around your career […]

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How to Use Part-Time Employees To Fill Your Manufacturing Gaps

Our Experts | Annalise Burrington, Branch Manager Millennials, everyone’s favorite generation to talk about, are well-known to be harder to attract and retain than previous generations in the workforce. But there is one solution you may be overlooking: part-time work. Millennials in manufacturing – or the lack thereof […]

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5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Pay Minimum Wage

Our Experts | Sheila Cox, President of Selectemp In today’s job market, there just isn’t any room for “low-hanging fruit” positions. That is, jobs that do not offer competitive wages, or only offer minimum wage. As a staffing firm, we have taken a stand whenever possible on only […]

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