Meet with me, plant a tree.

Ready to discuss your staffing issues and do something for the greater good at the same time? New clients, we’ll plant a tree in your honor – just for meeting with us.  

Complete the form to see what Selectemp can do for you, including:

A two-day placement guarantee

Access to our network of 83,000+ candidates in the Pacific Northwest

Innovative digital tools that quickly deliver qualified talent, and keeps them on the job

The Act of Planting a Tree…

This symbolizes our commitment to nurturing relationships and providing exceptional staffing support while creating a lasting impact. Our Redwood culture is the foundation of how we do business. And now, you can be a part of that.

Your Tree Will:

Produce Oxygen

Absorb Co2

Create an Ecosystem for Animals + Plants

Prevent Soil Erosion

Create Work for Local Populations

We fuel companies like yours with qualified and reliable talent

We take a meticulous approach to gathering information about your business by learning your culture, operations and the process that drives your success. We also believe in putting the necessary time into getting to know the talent we screen – ensuring that we are bringing you only the best candidates. We also know that every hour spent without the right person in a vacant role could be costing your business money. That’s why delivering smart matches based on an in-depth understanding of the available talent in the market is our specialty.

Ready to help make a difference?

Book your new client consultation today.

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