How to Follow Up After Applying For a Job

You’ve found your dream job, researched the company, and decided you are the perfect match. You submit your application and now the dreaded waiting game begins. Fast forward to two weeks later. You still haven’t heard a thing. What do you do? There are many ways you can increase your chances of getting called in for an interview after you apply. The key is to sound enthusiastic, not desperate, and never pushy!

Here are three ways to effectively follow up after you apply to a job:

1. Send an Email

Sometimes job applications specifically request no follow-ups after applying. If that is the case, abide by this request. If not, it is completely acceptable to follow up with an email. Do your best to be polite, concise, and professional. You don’t want to come off as nagging or desperate.

To start, include your name and the job title you applied for in the email subject line. This will help the hiring manager see, at a glance, what the email is in reference to. In the body of the email, simply state your qualifications, the date you sent in your application, and ask if the position is still open. Focus on what you can bring to the company and voice your eagerness to meet for an interview. It is a good idea to attach your resume to this email so it is readily available for consideration. Make sure to thank them for reviewing your application. You can also ask when you can expect to hear if the company has moved forward with a decision about the job opening.

2. Make a Phone Call

When following up with a phone call, make sure to be respectful of the other person’s time. Start your call by asking if they have time at that moment to speak with you or if they would rather you call back later. Don’t call more than twice, unless they ask you to do so.

Once you are on the phone with your contact, do your best to show your enthusiasm around the position for which you hope to interview. Briefly explain why you would be a good fit. For example, list a few of your skills or an experience at a past job that would be beneficial to this one. Don’t make the mistake of calling and having nothing to say about yourself. Every follow-up is an additional opportunity to sell yourself. You don’t want to call and simply ask if they have reviewed your resume and hang up. Use this as an opportunity to make a good impression and secure that interview you are hoping for!

3. Consult Your LinkedIn Network

After you apply for a position, check LinkedIn to see if anyone in your network shares a connection with the decision-makers at the company you are looking to interview with. Even a few degrees away is a step in the right direction! Consider asking your shared connections for a referral or an introduction. If you don’t have any shared connections, you can still reach out on your own. Send a LinkedIn InMail introducing yourself. Mention in your message that you applied to the job and include a few sentences about why you would be a good fit. Keep this message brief and to the point. Express your sincere interest in connecting and interviewing for the position.

Remember, each of these follow-up methods is a chance to build your reputation with the company and the hiring managers. Be professional. Be polite. Keep in mind that even if you don’t end up securing an interview for this particular position, another position might become open at this same company down the road. Don’t pass by this opportunity to make a good impression for future opportunities that come along!

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