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What exactly is an employment service?

As an employment service, Selectemp is the gateway to qualified applicants who’ve already been screened, processed and are available for work. We do the work for you — the weeding out, background checks, drug screens and reference checks. Our Staffing Managers also take time to conduct a thorough and in-depth interview with every applicant, ensuring a successful placement for both the applicant and the employer.

What do Selectemp’s fees include?

Our fees include employees’ compensation, government taxes, workers’ compensation, and general processing fees.

Does Selectemp offer any guarantees?

We offer a four-hour guarantee on every placement. If, within four hours, it’s apparent that an employee is not a good fit for any reason, they can be sent back without any charges to you, the employer.

What if I want to hire a Selectemp employee?

When partnering with Selectemp, you’ll be asked to agree to a temp-to-hire contract. Once that agreement has been met, Selectemp employees are eligible to be hired for no additional fees. Employees can be hired before the agreement has been met for an additional fee.

What makes Selectemp’s employees better than the rest?

The coaching, advice and genuine encouragement given to each employee by our Staffing Managers makes our employees stand out! Selectemp recognizes that, if our employees are successful, then our clients will be successful in turn. In the end, that makes Selectemp successful too!

What markets does Selectemp serve?

Selectemp has branch locations across the state of Oregon. Visit our Locations page for full details.

What if I need to hire people outside of the markets Selectemp serves?

Selectemp can be your staffing partner in any market. Just give us a call and we’ll find employees in any market throughout the United States. You make one call, talk to one person and receive one rate.

Are Selectemp employees drug free?

Selectemp will drug test employees at your request, typically within 24 hours of the start of the assignment to assure the most reliable results.

Will I be able to contact Selectemp in an emergency?

Absolutely! We always have a representative on-call to handle any emergency — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How does Selectemp ensure their employees are qualified for placement with my company?

All applicants go through an in-depth interview with our experienced Staffing Managers. We verify employment background and administer written tests to verify skill sets.

Does Selectemp have the capability to staff for both small and large projects?

Absolutely! Our top-of-the-line industry software enables us to contact a multitude of employees in a very short period of time. At a moment’s notice, Selectemp’s large pool of employees are available to promptly go to work. These projects could require one employee, 20 employees, or many more.

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