The Value of a Long-Term Recruiter Relationship

A recruiter can be the answer to all of your hiring needs, while saving your company time and money. It also takes the stress off your current employees who are picking up the slack while a position is open.

Losing an employee on short notice is damaging to processes and the productivity of other employees. Make sure your company is prepared for anything by continuing a relationship with a skilled recruiter.

Save time and money

If your company has already built a relationship with a certain recruiter, filling new open positions will be a breeze. A seasoned recruiter who has worked with your company will get to know your business, your positions and your employee preferences like the back of his hand. Your recruiter will fill your positions much more quickly than a new firm could, and oftentimes even faster than your internal recruiter.

This not only saves time but saves money. Open positions are costly; think of the cost of advertising for the position, the lost productivity and the stress it ultimately places on other employees. Keeping communication open with a trusted recruiter will ensure your company fills positions in the most efficient way.

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Have peace of mind

A recruiter who has worked with your company many times will know all the details of each position you fill. This means they know the risks and dangers associated, and can offer safety and compliance tips to your newest employees. Having a recruiter prep new hires on safety practices and regulations will save your company a lot of time in reiterating these points, as well as creating a safer environment for all employees.

Acquire vetted, qualified talent

A recruiter who knows your company’s standards will provide quality talent. When they work closely with you, they will always be on the lookout for qualified candidates who fit your organization. If a position needs filled and you let your recruiter know, they may already have a candidate in mind before you even hang up the phone. A huge benefit of a continued relationship with your recruiter is that they likely have a bench of talent waiting to be placed at their next opportunity. These candidates have already been background checked and vetted for skillset.

Make sure employees are a superb culture fit

Beyond skills testing and background checks, established recruiters put a heavy focus on culture screening when seeking talent. A recruiter who has worked with your company extensively can match talent to your culture like second nature. Culture fit is, to many organizations, just as important as skillset. A new hire needs to be able to jump in and hit the ground running, just as much as they need to vibe with their team and create a happy yet productive atmosphere.

If you are looking to start a relationship with a recruiter, contact your local Selectemp branch to set up a meeting today!  

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