Careers You Can Have With Just A Diploma

Production Worker
Many people today are opting out of a college education and going straight into the workforce. With the looming presence of student loans and a degree often taking more than four years to obtain, it is no wonder that people are going straight from high school and into a career.

However, there’s a misconception that job prospects will be tough – but that isn’t true at all. There are thousands of high-paying careers that don’t actually require anything more than a high school education. Below are just four examples of careers you can have with just a diploma.

  1. Mail Carrier

Despite the rise of technology, people still receive paper mail. That’s where mailman and mailwomen come into the picture. You’ll need a high school education if you want to pursue a career in this field, but it may be worth it if you love being on your feet.

  1. Real Estate Agent

While becoming a real estate agent doesn’t require a degree, it does require you to get a license. Unlike a 9-to-5 job, real estate sales agents work for themselves. You will have to list and show properties, create contracts and meet with prospective buyers – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you enjoy the idea of working for your salary and think you’ve got what it takes to be a salesperson, go online and research what it takes to become a real estate sales agent in your state.

  1. Production Supervisor

A production supervisor is exactly what it sounds like. You’re in charge of supervising the employees who work underneath you. Supervisors also coordinate the work that is happening. For this job, you will tend to work in a factory or warehouse setting. While you only need a high school degree to become a production supervisor, you will have to work your way up in your job and be a good manager and leader.

  1. Small Business Owner

The best – and worst – thing about starting a small business is that you are your own boss. Some people find that they are not meant to be an employee and that being in charge of their own wealth is what works for them. Owning a business is a tremendous amount of work, but it could be worth it if your business takes off – whether it be baking with the old family recipe or becoming a personal trainer, you can take what you love and make a business with it.

While these four examples are great prospects as careers you can have with just a diploma, there are plenty more once you really start to look. Many trade jobs, such as construction or blacksmithing, even offer on-the-job training and apprenticeships. All you need to do is look for these positions with an open mind and a strong work ethic.

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