From Boutique Putter to Production Powerhouse

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How Selectemp helped L.A.B. Golf hit a hole-in-one with staffing.

“To say that the Selectemp team is the single most important factor in growing and fulfilling our company expansion is not an understatement. They have gone from a service provider to a major contributing partner — largely based on Casey with the Eugene branch and his dedicated team and their monumental efforts. They make it look effortless and worked around the clock communicating, updating, and adjusting. L.A.B. Golf could not be here without the Selectemp team and I would recommend them for any level of services or recruiting.”

Mike B., Chief Operating Officer

Company Background

Located in Creswell, Oregon, L.A.B. Golf isn’t your average golf club manufacturer. Their putters, featuring the innovative Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) technology, are making waves in the golfing world.

The Problem

Experiencing explosive growth (nearly 700% in a year), L.A.B. Golf couldn’t find and hire enough employees to keep up. Urgently needing staff for all positions, from production to executive leadership, they struggled to meet demands despite internal recruiting efforts and significant time and resources.

The Solution

Enter Selectemp. L.A.B. Golf wasn’t just another company; they were crafting a putting revolution. So Selectemp assembled a dream team of recruiters, sourcing specialists, and client managers to fully immerse in operations, learn, and execute on L.A.B. Golf’s unique recruitment needs.

The Impact

Knowing L.A.B. Golf aimed for a full staff of 45-50 across their entire operations, Selectemp assigned a dedicated recruiter to exclusively source and interview candidates to meet the demands—helping to propel their growth.

  • 10 qualified production candidates placed within a few days
  • 40+ candidates placed within 4 weeks for their production line, quality control, warehouse, and customer service
  • Rounded out their leadership team by filling roles for supervisors, human resources, operations managers, and sales

We Match Talent With Opportunity

Is your current staffing agency delivering the solutions you need to be productive and grow? With Selectemp as a consultative partner for your workforce, we have a proven track record of filling positions faster with quality talent. Let’s connect.

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