Top Reasons The Best Talent Joins an Organization

Top Reasons The Best Talent Joins an Organization

To get the best talent to join your organization it’s important to know why they choose to accept a job offer in the first place. What is it about the organization that really pulls a candidate in to say, “yes, I accept the job,” or “When can I start?”

By understanding what attracts the right workers to specific job opportunities will help you engage with the skilled workers you need and get the talent to say yes to your job offer.

Let’s get started! We’ve asked talent that our recruiters have placed throughout the state of Oregon why they’ve joined an organization.

Here are the most common reasons.

  1. Career Growth and Personal Development
  2. Teamwork and Collaboration
  3. Mission, Purpose, Values
  4. Rewards and Recognition

By knowing what draws candidates to a particular job or company you’ll be able to shape your recruiting efforts and company around those core reasons.

Below we expand on the most common reasons and address how these four core reasons can benefit you and your company.

Career growth and Personal Development
Great talent seeks to advance to the next level in their career because it keeps them stimulated and inspired. With that in mind, the best companies are focused on how they can keep top talent interested in future opportunities and how they can upskill with the ever-changing workplace. By introducing continuous learning you’ll be able to keep employees up-to-date on technology relevant to their field, as well as major software updates, and more. Giving employees the chance to expand their knowledge not only benefits them but also the company. They will have the knowledge needed to take on greater responsibilities, get promoted, and prevent loss of efficiency.

Teamwork and Collaboration
Top-performing workers value teamwork and know it’s needed to meet deadlines, meet goals, produce high-quality products, and maintain a safe work environment. A company that has a foundation of collaboration and emphasizes it to potential employees will reap the benefits because new employees will understand that their ideas and creativity will be accepted and valued when hired. Start by setting clear communication channels to enhance collaboration, and recognize your best-performing workers to motivate others.

Mission, Purpose, Values
A LinkedIn survey found that 64% of job seekers are turned off by a job if they don’t know or miss-align with the company mission. As you can see it’s essential to connect your company’s purpose to the job seekers, if done properly you’ll be on the way to gaining more talent and fewer deal breakers. To showcase a strong mission, purpose, and values go where talent is learning about you – social channels and your website. Demonstrate your vision clearly and show what you’re committed to working towards. Exposing this information will help you gain the talent you need that’s the right fit embodies your mission and helps you avoid hiring the wrong fit.

Rewards and Recognition
Employee recognition is becoming increasingly important among job seekers and with a tough job market employers are adhering to this requirement, so they don’t miss out on talented candidates. Recognition programs give businesses the opportunity to drive forward in greater productivity and higher retention rates. If safety is a goal, it can be used as a rewards program. You can reward individual workers for avoiding accidents or coming up with a new system to prevent them by making safety a priority.

Hiring the right quality talent takes a lot of time and even more due to the pandemic and workers wanting to stay on unemployment benefits. With no one wanting to get back to work, it means you’re fighting for the same talent. By tweaking your hiring strategy you’ll be able to stand out against your competitors and secure the top performers for your organization.

If you need help strategizing or securing talent during these difficult times please reach out to our hiring experts. We’re here to lend a helping hand.

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