Second Chances: A True Story

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Alysha Moore’s phone pings, alerting her of a new text message. It’s from Bryan, a night shift operator and team lead at the local mill. Photos load in rapid succession, scenes from the past weekend. Smiling, she reads the message.

Went out to Idaho with my mom this weekend seeing all my aunts, my grandmother, and my cousins. First time they’ve seen me in about 10 years, and the first time they’ve seen me sober since I was 18. It was pretty awesome. Just thought you might be interested in that, seeing that you have been part of my growth.”


As staffing manager of Selectemp’s Roseburg office, Alysha first met Bryan in February of 2022. Recovering from addiction and committed to finding employment, Bryan had knocked on many doors before arriving at Selectemp.

“He was living at the (Roseburg Rescue) Mission, sober, and ready to take on a full-time job,” Alysha says. “We discussed where he was at in his recovery, what got him to that point, and what he wanted his future to look like.

She shared available employment options that the temp agency had, the cultures within each of those companies, and the physical requirements of each assignment. Thanks to Bryan’s transparency and vulnerability, they were quickly able to determine that the fast-paced environment at a local mill would be the most beneficial for him. 

“We get to put a lot of second chance employees to work at the mill,” said Marissa Logan, branch manager of the Roseburg office. “Like us, they truly believe in seeing the potential in people and giving them fair opportunities for a second chance.

Following her gut instincts, Alysha went to bat for Bryan and was able to offer him an assignment as a general laborer, but not before making her expectations clear: He needed to show up, continue his recovery program, and make the choice to do the right thing each and every day. 

He’s been exceeding her expectations ever since.

Reasons to celebrate

“When Bryan first came to us from the temp agency, he showed up with a positive attitude and a desire to work hard and prove himself,” the mill company’s representative says. 

He quickly proved that he was a great worker with a lot of potential in the facility’s stacker department, and within the first few months Bryan became a backup operator on the mill’s weekend relief shift. 

“When we decided to open a new stacker crew, Bryan was the first choice of all of us to lead it. As expected, he did very well coaching a completely new crew, helping them all get better along the way.”

All the while, Brian kept Alysha updated on his progress and celebrated two major recovery milestones: traveling to Idaho to visit his estranged family, and later reuniting with his children and their mother after several years of being separated.

“One weekend, he texted me nine photos with his kids and said how awesome it was to see them again,” Alysha beamed. “It made my heart so happy for him.”

“Anytime we make a placement with an employee who has struggled with addiction, you hope that everything they’re saying is truthful and that they are at the point in recovery that they say they are,” says Marissa.

“Once I read the messages from Bryan to Alysha about his family visits, I knew that he was really taking this seriously and that he had an even bigger reason to not allow himself to fall off the wagon this time.” 

Support through the struggle

Although Bryan was reconnecting with his loved ones and thriving at work, he was not immune to bouts of struggle. Luckily, he would be forthcoming with Alysha and reach out to her for words of encouragement to help stay on track. 

She pushed him to rely on the resources available to him through rehab, encouraged him to build a support network, and reminded him it’s ok to struggle. 

But like most circumstances, his struggle was followed by new growth.

Wanting to spend more time with his kids, Bryan asked the mill if there was a possibility to move to a straight week shift. His wish was granted when he accepted a night shift role operating an even bigger stacker and leading a whole new crew. 

“Time and time again, Bryan has proved he is the right choice for an operator,” praised the company representative. “He and his night shift stacker crew are doing amazing! They all state how Bryan always has a positive attitude and is willing to go above and beyond to help them out with whatever they need. 

“We are so happy to have Bryan as a team member and are excited to see what the future brings for him here at our facility.”

Though Bryan was hired on by the mill and is no longer a Selectemp employee, he still keeps in touch with Alysha, sharing life changes, stories of overcoming yet another obstacle, and his triumphs all around. 

“I am so thankful that we have the ability to place candidates like Bryan,” says Marissa. “Being able to make this kind of an impact on someone’s life is why we do what we do.

Alysha agrees. Her biggest piece of advice for other candidates seeking a second chance? “Just keep knocking, because the RIGHT door will open.”

Become a Second Chance employer

The Second Chance Business Coalition states that more than 80 million Americans have criminal backgrounds, creating barriers to securing meaningful employment and reintegration with society. 

There is often a stigma surrounding hiring individuals with criminal records, yet companies who are willing to are reaping the benefits. 

Learn more about the benefits of second-chance hiring and how to get started with these resources:

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